I was wondering where you can find the Prior and New Value when unfolding the stuff stated in the Change History. I can without problems find it for the Attachment/Note added/changed within the TS_ATTACHMENTS/TS_CHANGES Table. But where can you find the prior/new values for let's say a successful update transition?

Edit: TS_CHANGETEXT Table it is...

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Tuesday, October 09 2018, 01:20 PM - #Permalink
TS_CHANGEACTIONS will list a single record each time an item changes. TS_CHANGES will list a record per field for recording the change to that field, and will be associated to TS_CHANGEACTIONS via the TS_ACTIONSTAMP column. When the text changes are for a longvarchar related field, where the value could be too big to fit into TS_CHANGES, there will also be a TS_CHANGETEXT record for the larger prior/new values to be reflected, with TS_CHANGEDETAILID pointing back to the record from TS_CHANGES. File Fields have change history stored in TS_FILE_OBJS_CHANGE.
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