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SBM 11.3.1

I have a report using the urlrpt.htm template and that is great BUT if the number of records extends the number of lines displayed the user is missing information.

There for I would like only the header part
"Now showing Product Requests 1 - 100 of 1834"

and the footer part
"Next 100 | Last 34 | Next 1000 | Refresh" (preferably Show all)

To display if the user has more records to show and to get them all in one list (to copy/paste over to Excel)
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    Friday, May 10 2019, 03:17 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Mikaela, it sounds like your main preference would be simply to show all the records. As long as that number stays under the max records you have set in the SBM System Administrator, you can modify the embedded report url as shown here to ignore user preferences and show the max records possible. Just add ‘&Recno=-1’ to the url:

    o tmtrack.dll?ReportPage&template=reports%2Furlrpt.htm&ReportRef=USR_MY_APP.APP &HasRuntimeParams=1&F_TS_FIELDHERE=&embedded&Recno=-1
    • Mikaela Nilsson
      more than a month ago
      Thank you!

      Yes, that is a good solution as well to simply force all records to show. Can I do that in a report template? The users run this as a separate report and not an embedded report hence no URL to modify.

      And also showing the header of "Now showing...." is nice to have.
    • Garry Womack
      more than a month ago
      I don't think there would be a way to achieve that in the template itself generally. However, one easier alternative could be to create an External Report in SBM and use your modified URL as the location of that External Report. The result would be that the users can still run an SBM report, it just runs another report with the desired URL for them.
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