Zech Chin
Zech Chin

I'm using SBM 11.4.1 and I have a simple report that suppose to return a list from the advance query below:

("My Start Date" >= Startof_today) and ("My Start Date" <= Endof_today)

Let say today is 13 May 2019, and i created 1 item, and by changing the [My Start Date] value, the result are as follows:

1. My Start Date = 13 May 2019 6:00:00 , report does not return any result.
2. My Start Date = 13 May 2019 6:59:00 , report does not return any result.
3. My Start Date = 13 May 2019 7:00:00 , report return 1 result.
4. My Start Date = 13 May 2019 8:00:00 , report return 1 result.
5. My Start Date = 13 May 2019 23:59:00 , report return 1 result.

From the result, it seems that SBM only regard 7:00:00 onward as start of today, but end of today is until 23:59:00.

Is this a bug? or configuration issue?
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    Monday, May 13 2019, 05:46 PM - #Permalink
    Times on the database are stored in GMT - and then displayed based on your user profile locale settings. I would suggest checking the timezone settings on the server itself, then also the locale settings in System Administrator as well as your profile to make sure that they are correct.
    • Zech Chin
      more than a month ago
      I've checked all the timezone setting on the server, the locale setting in system admin, my profile as well as group profile. The GMT is the same, which is GMT +7, but i don't see how it is related to the advance query for the report.

      As you would notice, my advance query for the report within start of today only will return result if the time is 07:00:00 (7AM), any other time earlier than this will not be included in the report. Does the start of today in SBM means it start at 7am? because of my GMT +7 ??
    • David Sheaffe
      more than a month ago
      As far as I am aware, "Startof_today" will be 12AM based on your timezone. I have run a test in my system (we are GMT +10) by creating a report where the submit date is >= Startof_today and it is returning items that where submitted between midnight and 10am.

      I might suggest you contact support for assistance.
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