I have a request type, for example, MY_REQUEST_PR, which has "Save history" as an enabled option. There is a user-defined Attribute called "PR_CLASSIFICATION". The "PR_CLASSIFICATION" attribute, has the local property "Keep history" option ticked.

In the desktop client. When you right-click on the request MY_REQUEST_PR_001 and click on History, it will show in the 'Update Note' column that "Request attribute(s) updated".

QUESTION: How is it possible to view the change history of the attribute "PR_CLASSIFICATION"? See what it was previously, and what it has changed to, and when?

Note (FYI), Additionally, the attribute "PR_CLASSIFICATION" has an associated valid set "PR_CLASSIFICATION_VS".

This is my first post. Sorry for my ignorance.
Thanks in advance.

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Wednesday, June 19 2019, 03:02 AM - #Permalink
Hi Patrick

You can use the Published View called PCMS_CHDOC_HISTORY_WITH_ATTR to query this information directly from the database. Details of how to install the Published Views can be found in the Reports Guide and this document also contains a detailed description of all the views and their columns. When you query the data back for this particular view you will see an entry for the existing attribute value and another column called OLD_ATTR_VAL which contains the previous value.

If you don't have a copy of the document mentioned you can download all Dimensions CM documentation from http://help.serena.com/doc_center/doc_center.html#dcm

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    Wednesday, June 19 2019, 05:58 AM - #Permalink
    Thank you very much for the info Vince.
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