How To Export to a custom Excel Report Question

SBM 11.3

Is there a way I can export to a custom Excel template? Bonus points if I can do it from multiple sources.

For instance, I'd like say, six lines populated from a particular aux table with certain fields in certain places, then at line 10, start the listing report with its eight columns of data I want from the main table.

Is such a thing possible in BPM? Or would I have to use an external reporting tool (SSDT et al) to do this?
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    Tuesday, October 09 2018, 05:26 PM - #Permalink
    The only thing I can think of without using a 3rd party reporting tool - and not even sure if this would work, or be practical, or suit your needs - would be to create separate listing reports in SBM. Then in Excel, use the Data tab to make connections to the various listing reports, then use lookups, etc to display the data from seperate reports on one worksheet. But doing all that - I would probably go with a 3rd party reporting tool.:)
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