In Dimensions, you can relate requests to requests, requests to items, and items to items.

If you click on a request from the Catalog in the desktop client, it will also display a list of the items and requests that are related to it. This is an easy way to view request-request and request-item relationships. This also lets me interact with the items and requests that are related to the parent request. However, I'm not able to view item-item relationships anywhere.

I'd like to click on an item and see a list of all other child items that are related to it. Is there a view that shows item-item relationships? I can't just use the "Manage Relationships" window because it doesn't allow me to interact with the child items there.
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    Thursday, January 31 2019, 06:01 AM - #Permalink
    Hello Brian,
    You can customize for different views and object types which relationships on the right you want to see.
    By default Item to Item relationships are not shown on the right side. I'm attaching the screenshot showing how to add that tab. Depending on your needs you may also want to add right-hand side Items view to "Items Inbox", not only to "Items".

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