i need to find serena cm and serena sbm data dictionary in order to write a query like"

, sbm.lead_developer
, cm.implementor
, cm.status
, sbm.status
FROM ???
WHERE lead developer IN ( ‘Will Welden’ , ‘Nicholaus Cruz’ , ‘Donald CTR Burrows’ , ‘Kim K Nguyen’ , ‘Sujani CTR Dasu’ )
AND sbm.dev_work_request=cm.dev_work_request;
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    Sunday, August 12 2018, 05:27 PM - #Permalink
    Not sure about CM, but I do know that the base SBM schema document is normally in the documentation packs that are provided with each SBM release. It covers all all the standard SBM tables, and includes some guidance about how they relate to any tables created as part of your applications, but you will need to spend some time working out the actual relationships.
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    Friday, December 14 2018, 04:55 AM - #Permalink
    Hi Will

    we do not publish the Dimensions CM schema but what we do have is a documented set of Published Views which can be used for reporting purposes. Details about the view contents can be found in the Reports Guide. All documentation for Dimensions CM can be found at http://help.serena.com/doc_center/doc_center.html#dcm.

    In the example above you appear to want to select information about Dimensions CM Requests so the PCMS_CHDOC_DATA view would be a good starting point for this.

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