I am currently planning my VM upgrade from release 8.5.3 to release 8.6.
My environment uses split archives & File Server on a windows 2012 server. My VM users use the 8.5.3 GUI client for access to files.

My question concerns backward compatibility.
When I update my server to 8.6, will the desktops with 8.5.3 clients installed still be able to access the files, until I can 'sneaker net' the 8.6 installation to desktops?

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Wednesday, June 21 2017, 10:33 AM - #Permalink
Hello Rex,

Yes, using a VM 8.6 File Server from a VM 8.5.3 Desktop client is fine. Upgrading the server before upgrading the clients is the recommended route, so good all around.

Wishing you a smooth upgrade!

Kind regards,

- Richard.
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