We want to display custom reports on process app forms. Not only listing reports, also distribution reports (like bar and pie charts).
Therefore I created a bar chart report, use a Web Page widget and inserted the URL from the report there. The result was a very tiny report on this form, which can be only read with a magnifying glass.
I also tried unsuccessfully with jquery to load the report URL, extract the relevant report parts and past them into a HTML widget.

So, Is it even possible to display reports in forms?

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Thursday, July 05 2018, 01:04 PM - #Permalink

There is a widget you can put on your form called "Embedded Report" that will do exactly what you're asking about. When you save your report just make sure it's not a private report and click on the reference link when you save it. Copy that link and past it into the appropriate field in the Embedded Report widget and the report should render on the form.
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    Friday, July 06 2018, 03:18 AM - #Permalink
    Thanks Brian!

    I was not aware that the embedded report widget can be used also for this purpose, I thought I can use it only for application reports.
    Anyway, it works like a charm.

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