I realize the Community site has been mostly unusable for the past couple months. I'm hoping there's still one or two subscribers ....

We're currently at SBM 11.3 and considering an upgrade to 11.6. Management would like to know other peoples experiences for similar upgrades; specifically going to 11.6 from another 11.x version.
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    Tuesday, August 13 2019, 01:52 AM - #Permalink
    Hi Paul, I've been persevering on here just because I'm hopeful one day I will be pleasantly surprised.

    We upgraded from 11.4 to 11.6 and it was a pain free experience. You need to uninstall SLM and install the latest version (2.3) but the SBM upgrade went very smooth and was completed well within 2hrs. Probably the biggest benefit was that it forced users onto Work Center. We have found a couple of bugs but nothing too traumatic.
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