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Please join us at the next ChangeMan ZMF Virtual User Group, scheduled for March 13 at 11:00AM. Register at http://www.serena.com/company/news/usergroups.html.
Abstract: ChangeMan ZMF is the industry’s most powerful mainframe SCM tool, delivering a central point of control, consistent change lifecycle methodology, increased accountability, and protection of software assets. While these capabilities are crucial for developers, those who are required to correct application failures or poor performance often rely on Operational Productivity technologies. These technologies help ensure the smooth performance of business systems, and when problems occur, they help identify the root cause of an application failure.
Traditionally, SCM and Operational Productivity technologies have been seen as “bookends” for the production environment. But the unification of these tools can provide a holistic view of the entire production environment—from pre-production to post-production and historical activities. Working together in an integrated fashion, complementary technologies such as ChangeMan ZMF and Startool DA improve application quality, enhance performance and reduce downtime. Join us in this 60 minute meeting where we will explore interaction of fault analysis in Startool DA with the software configuration management facilities delivered in ChangeMan ZMF.

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