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Hi, I am working on creating a Mashup for a mortgage loan provider application. I have defined the roles, functions and the processes. But I need help on designing the UI for one of the modules. Is it possible to have a common login screen for different set of roles and direct the users to different pages upon login depending on the role? Also, one an user logs in, I want him to see a set of tabs which he can click and perform different activities. Please help..
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    Comment posted 4/21/09 by Clyde Vasey

    I have been playing with Team Track through the upgrade to Mashups since 2003. Your questions are confusing and I would be willing to dialog with you concerning what you are trying to do. I believe you are asking if a person can log into Serena Business Mashups and based on roles/group membership, see different solution tabs. If this is correct, then understand that each solution tab normally represents a different Mashup application. Unless you are creating a series of interrelated Mashups that enable different people to access different Mashups that will post to others to create a final product, I believe you are not going to find this functionality available in Mashups.
    If you want a user to select the same Mashup application from the same solution tab and then see different options, this might be possible, but again, each individual record is owned by a user or group of users and the workflow and states determine who has can perform actions at a given point along the life cycle of the workflow.
    Help me better understand what you are trying to do and I will be glad to talk about how I have used the application over the years and try to assist you.
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