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im currently writing a paper at my company about a potential migration from Serena Dimensions to Git (With a local Server). We're using Dimensions CM as the central version control system.

After searching in Google and in this forum, I still haven't found a proper solution on how to migrate all the revisions (not only the latest) to Git.
Is there any option besides using the Git Connector or a manual Script? Is it even possible to migrate comments and baselines?

Thanks in advance.
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    Thursday, April 18 2019, 01:50 AM - #Permalink
    Hello Manuel

    maybe you could suggest to the company that they can have the best of both worlds. A robust Dimensions CM server coupled with the GIT client experience. They can achieve this simply by using the Git Client plugin for Dimensions CM. Which means the users will be using Git but the server will continue to operate as a Dimensions CM server. This has an initial two-fold benefit:

    1. No loss of revisions through a costly and painful migration process where you actually end up with data loss
    2. All the benefits of a Dimensions CM server over a Git solution that would be frought with problems such as "repository sprawl" and having to tag together various pieces of software to achieve what is available directly from Dimensions CM.

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