I have version manager installed in windows server. Now I need to install PVCS Desktop client in Linux machine and then access project in version manager which is present in windows server. is it possible to do this? If yes, any specific configurations needs in desktop client.
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    Tuesday, May 30 2017, 11:07 AM - #Permalink
    Hello Sandeep,

    This can easily be done if you are using the VM File Server to serve up your PDBs.

    Just install the Desktop Client on Linux, go to Admin -> File Servers, press the "+" to add a File Server and enter the name of the VM File Server system (you can specify ServerName:PortNumber if you are using alternative ports, or enter the complete URL to this server.)

    When using VM on a non-Windows platform with a VM File Server, be sure to turn off setuid mode after installing VM on that platform as this adds unnecessary complexity. You do this by running:
    vmsetsuid -unset

    as the person who installed VM (after sourcing either vmprofile or vmcshrc depending on what shell you are using).

    If you plan on using any command line tools on your Linux box, you can specify the PDB using the Windows-based path (according to the Path Map Client Name), but using UNIX forward slashes as opposed to Windows backslashes. This is possible because VM accepts both path separators, and avoiding backslashes on UNIX avoids the headaches that come from the fact that a backslash is an escape character in UNIX/Linux shells.

    If you are not yet using the VM File Server, start with that first. See KB doc S126695 for more info on that.

    With kind regards,

    - Richard.
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