We use the $MAILHEADERPARAM notification tag in custom notification templates to include "CC" and "BCC" recipients where we want to notify someone who doesn't have an SBM account. This also allows us to over-ride the intended "TO" recipient. For example, when a user completes an "X" item, we want to change the "TO" destination to 4 security groups, and not notify the person who submitted or completed the item. Unfortunately I can't see any way to have multiple email addresses in the tag. I've tried quoting the email address and using space, comma and semi-colon delimiters. It either has JAVA errors in the "NS.LOG" file, or the MS Exchange server rejects it or it just doesn't do anything. Has anyone been able to do this?? Is this a shortcoming of the tag or does MS Exchange email server have something to do with it??
Here's what we want to do:

Here's what we can do.

Then include text in the email asking "security1" to forward the message to "security4@our_company.com"

The rule for the Notification is "item changes to 'Closed' state AND submitter is CURRENT USER". All users get subscribed to this. Normally this would send the notification to the Submitter, but the "MSG_TO" over-rides that
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