Does anyone know if it's possible to prevent a user from submitting into a specific project or workflow except via a Post-Transition or by an orchestration?

Here is my scenario:

I have an SACM workflow with 3 steps Design>Deployment>In Service. Every SACM asset should flow through these processes in order, as such I want to prevent my users from submitting directly into Deployment/In Service and only submit into Design.

At the end of Design I have an orchestration that loops through and creates the appropriate # of Deployment Requests.
At the end of Deployment a post Transition runs that posts the relevant data from Deployment to In Service.

Any thoughts/help is appreciated

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    Tuesday, August 22 2017, 11:18 AM - #Permalink

    Open your Deployment and In Service workflows in Composer and click on the Submit transition. Click on the Options tab and uncheck the "Default Submit Transition" box and deploy. What this does is removes those projects/workflows from the submit tree but will still work for a post transition.

    See if that helps
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