Removing a user from a multi-user field

I ran across a blueprint (subtaskless voting) as well as a template (multi approvers demo app) that have the same javascript for removing a person from a multi-user field. For my application, the code is not working. Is there something that has changed that I am missing? The only change from the code in the two apps mentioned is the field name I am using. This is being run as a form action.

var myField = $(GetFieldByName("YET_TO_REVIEW"));
myField.find("option[text="+GetFieldValue("EditBox").replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '')+"]").remove();
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    Wednesday, December 19 2018, 11:44 AM - #Permalink
    In Composer, On the form, in the property editor, there is a section for Javascripts. at the bottom of this section there is a checkbox for Include jQuery plugin. Make sure that is checked.
    • Ryan Leffers
      more than a month ago
      Hi Charity,

      I did verify that the "Include jQuery plugin" was selected. I still get the same result where the user is not being removed from the field.
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