User is looking for a report that indicates if a user is the member of select groups. The simplist way I could think of is to run a report of group 1 using the Administrator in the browser, copy and paste into Excel and add a field with the group name. Do the same for group 2 and then sort on name.

SQL query looks like it could be pretty complicated. Any other suggestions?

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Jeff Malin
Jeff Malin
Wednesday, September 23 2015, 06:14 PM - #Permalink
The SQL query is pretty straightforward, is this something they want to run repeatedly as a report in SBM, or a one-off exercise that you/they would do from SQL manager? Look at the Schema doc, the TS_MEMBERS table provides a set of USERID/GROUPID pairs that show which users belong to which groups.

Also the new Solution Reporting capability which was demoed in the SBM11 Sneak peak could provide a nice way to do custom Group Membership reports, if you're planning to upgrade when it arrives:

  • Sandy Cooper
    more than a month ago
    Thanks Jeff. Didn't think about using ts_members. That was the perfect solution. My user is on 2009R3 with no intention to upgrade so SBM11 wouldn't help.
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