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I am looking to run a report showing time-in-State to determine how long before an owner transitions an item. The duration reports are not exactly fitting my need; however, the report for Other > State Change is almost there.
Ideally I would like to use that report as it but add additional columns to provide better monthly statistics per area. Unfortunately the columns of this report are fixed.
The existing report displays the Item ID, State, Timestamp of Change, and Elapsed Time. I do not require Timestamp of Change, but would want to add Type... This way I would be able to identify the length of time (on average) an item will sit in a particular state prior to being transitioned by work unit; rather than overall.
With the existing report I export the data into excel and have it compile the averages on a separate tab - I display metrics such as Average time in Created/Pending Approval/ect, Max time in a given state (including the ID), Closing statistics (SLA to close), and some others.
Have any of you some across a method to capture this information on an existing report?

My next step is to work more with field calculations, so I'll see how that goes.

Thanks in advance.
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    Wednesday, October 10 2018, 04:16 PM - #Permalink
    Hi, you might want to look at the new reports that are in 11.4.1. There is a new Advanced Time in State which shows how long individual issues have been in selected state(s), and the State change History Report has been modified to allow you to choose columns to display and individual states to report on.
    • Jimmy Scott
      more than a month ago
      That is really good to know. We are on 11.2 and in the planning phase of the 11.4.1 upgrade.
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