SBM 11.4.1 authentication errors Problem

SBM11.4.1 authentication errors

Here's the background:

SBM 11.4.1 suite has been installed on a Windows Server 2016 VM using browser cookies for authentication. This is a VM that we will use for customer training.

The VM works with no issues on Skytap. Also works with no issues in VMware on my PC.

Here's the issue:
SBM errors occur when VM is hosted on CTP, our internal system for deploying VMs to the cloud. Students and instructors connect to the VM using RDP. However, when the VM is deployed on CTP, we cannot connect to the repository and multiple login screens appear on the Work Center home page. Screenshots showing these errors are attached.

SBM1141-VM-01.png shows the Work Center displaying multiple login screens instead of reports on the home page.
SBM1141-VM-02.png shows the desired Work Center display of reports on the home page.
SBM1141-VM-03.png shows a '500' error when trying to login to Application Repository.
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    Wednesday, October 03 2018, 04:51 PM - #Permalink
    You'll need to take a look at the log files on the VM to start tracking this down, there's not a lot to go on with just the screenshots. Start with the Windows application event log since the errors in your first screenshot are coming from AE content. The second screenshot look like it might be making a call to the web services so start looking in the same place.
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    Friday, October 05 2018, 03:29 PM - #Permalink
    Screenshots 2 and 3 are symptoms of the same issue. Most likely the case that the SBM Tomcat server cannot talk to gsoap for some reason. Enable IIS logging on the gsoap virtual application and check your IIS logs.

    Using Single Sign On instead of SBM Sessions might help identify the issue as well. If access to port 8085/8243 is an issue on this VM, then set Use IIS to proxy all server requests in the Component Servers section.
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