Deep mystery: Two form actions' java snippets (below) read respective sub-relational fields pointing to the Contact record, but only the first snippet finds a value.

Screen shots of the data view > options of the sub-relational fields are attached.

(Note the additional lines beginning with "On lookup . . ." in User Name data view > options. That's the only difference I can find between the two sub-relational field definitions.)

Snippet that returns a value:

var text1 = GetFieldValue("User Dept");
SetFieldValue("USER_DEPARTMENT", text1, "true");

Snippet that returns "null":

var text1 = GetFieldValue("User Name");
SetFieldValue("USERNAME", text1, "true");

Accepted Answer

Friday, October 07 2016, 01:40 PM - #Permalink
Just a guess ... Department is a TEXT field, so it can be retrieved from the CONTACT record. User Name is a USER field so SBM has to do another level of indirection to get the actual value, i.e. has to read the Name from the USERS table.
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