Customize Views By Request Type Hot

by Jeremy Seeley on May 01, 2018

Please allow us to be able to make a different custom view for each of the different Request types.

  • In the desktop client for Dimensions CM we are able to customize a view for a Request. However it is limited to but "one view fits all" for all Request types. At my workplace most users work with more than one Request type. This is frustrating to the many users as each Request type has its own attributes that are associated with it. There is very little overlap beyond having an ID and title. We feel that it would be far more effective to allow for each Request type to be able to have its own custom view. It wastes our time to have to jump back into the custom view window to make changes each and every time that we want to work with a different Request. It would be far better to set up the custom view but once per Request type.

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