Improved mandatory attribute support Hot

by Tomas Cedvén on January 15, 2016

The limtation that required/mandatory setting on an object attribute rule only applies for the action transition makes it complicated to use the attribute meta data as an information storage for crutial data. An improved handling of mandatory values outside of lifecycle transitions would allow for improved information handling using attribute data.

  • In the current Dimension CM behavior, object attributes can be configured to be mandatory. This setting applies for the action operation when the object transition from one lifecyle status to another. But there is nothing that support setting an object attribute as mandatory in between action transitions. This makes it possible to empty an attribute value as long as it's not done as a part of an action operation.

    It would be a very useful impovement if it was possible to configure Dimensions CM to handle mandatory attributes outside of the action operation. This could work in similar fashion as the Writable option on attribute rules that handles writable/read-only attribute values in the lifecycle from status.

    For more in depth discussion regarding this,  see case id 5482346



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