Need CM "Sync Metadata" capability - for fixing broken metadata

by Joshua Trosclair on August 22, 2019

Please implement the capability to sync Dimensions CM metadata (.dm, .dmdb) files when doing file operations.
In other words, when an end user does something to throw their CM metadata files out of whack, there should be a capability for CM to fix the metadata.
Apparently, it does not take much to get CM 'confused'.

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    It is not uncommon for users to copy and paste files from various places on their machine.
    What was copied could have been code from a really old Dimensions CM version that hasn't been touched for a few years and sat on a developer's machine.
    Or, a developer might have copied and pasted some documentation files from one directory to another.
    So when those users go and try to put their files back into Dimensions CM, there are sometimes errors related to Dimensions CM getting 'confused' about the metadata.

    What I'm asking for is Dimensions CM to provide a 'sync metadata' option.
    It could be in the form of a checkbox on the web or desktop clients, with a mouseover 'tooltip' that could say something like this:
    "Sync Metadata is used for forcing Dimensions CM to clear your metadata files and rebuild them".
    I know the metadata files help with performance, which makes sense, but imagine how difficult it is for us CM administrators to explain enabling the view of hidden system files, and deleting all .dm/.dmdb files recursively on a directory for users who are barely technical enough to know where the Windows start menu is.
    One scenario is that Dimensions CM has often come across scenarios where it says "no changes detected" even though I watched the end-user edit a file right in front of me on his/her machine.
    Dimensions CM knows how to use checksums to see if files have been edited.
    Sometimes CM will not see a file as an edit if the metadata does not match up; instead, seeing the file as a 'new item' even though the name clearly already exists in CM.
    This 'Sync Metadata' is better known to use in the developer community as "eager" loading.
    Dimensions CM is currently set to to be "lazy" in the sense that CM saves tons of time by 'trusting' what the metadata says instead of actually looking at and evaluating all the files.

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