Allow formatting of columns on report. Allow "freeze" header for header Rows or specified columns New

by Paul Thompson on June 12, 2019

For a Work Center Listing report, give me the ability to:

  1. Freeze the header row
  2. Freeze the first "X" columns
  3. Delineate columns or groups of columns using vertical lines or color coding

Alternatively, give me a solution KB article that describes how to create a custom report template to accomplish this.

  • We have a report that has 70+ columns.  Users know these fields as being in different "sections" (tabs on the State and Transition) forms.  I would like the ability to delinate the fields by these sections.  For example, columns 1-2 are the Issue ID and Owner.  Those columns should never scroll off.  THe next 5 colums belong to the "Prep" section.  Those columns should be grouped together using visual clues like color or vertical delineators.  The next 6 columns are from the ESI/TESI section.  Those columns should be grouped together visually.   Etc.

    Allow me to indicate that the column header row should never scroll off.  With the current design, once that scrolls off the page I'm drowning in a sea of data.

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