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by David J. Easter on November 21, 2018

We use MLS localization of process applications.

We localized States, Transitions, names of Fields, names of Projects, Reports,…. Everything works OK. Except for notifications. These notifications work also OK in both languages except for the names of Notifications.
We use Czech locale as root and we localized our applications into English.
It means that a user who uses English locale, can see all in English except of the names of Notifications – these are in Czech language. This name is used in the subject of notification e-mail and you can also see the list of your notification in SWC (icon on upper right corner near by user profile). So in SWC a user with English locale can see only Czech names of Notifications.

Would it be possible to add localization string for the name of notification, please?

  • Situation with notifications:
    We have default.htm notification template.
    We used this template for many of our notifications and it worked OK.
    In Subject of notification email user received the name of the right notification. e.g:
    * IM - Byl uzavøen incident
    * IM - Byl vyøešen interní incident
    * IM - …….

    How to set that template or localization in that way so the user with English locale receives English Subject and user with Czech locale receives Czech notification name in Subject of notification email?
    Body of notification is OK - he can see the names/ labels of fields in English or Czech depending of his/her locale. But the problem is with Subject of that incoming notification email. It is in Root language only.


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