New application process plugin - combining common/template components Hot

by Sam Wrankmore on November 18, 2015

Application plugin - ability to run many components with a single step, sharing a common template process

  • I have a number of applications that have a large number of components, most of which are based on a shared component template.

    During the application process(es), I would like the ability to be able to specify a single step to run all the same component processes across one-or-more components, limiting it perhaps to run ‘n’ component processes at a time.

    So, instead of having to define 20 steps in the application process each calling the same template ‘install’ process for each component, we specify a single simple step that handles running them all for you.  You would select the components, the common process and the number of parallel steps to run (which should be able to take an environment defined property).

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