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by Dustin Hohnstein on May 18, 2017
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The Time Processing System process applications helps teams and organizations manage hours across products and releases within the business. Managing and overseeing an employee’s hours can be troublesome, between licensing fees and application overhead, choosing the correct solution proves difficult. The Time Processing System process application provides all the functionality needed for users to submit, review, and report on Time Sheets with ease from the convenience of SBM.

  • The Time Processing System is composed of two applications: Time Processing System and Time Processing System Task.

    Time Processing System

    Time Processing System is the driving application which contains weekly time sheets for any user. Information captured in each time sheet is seamlessly stored in the TPS Task application but is neatly organized and displayed in this application. Users can submit new time sheet items and pass them onto their manager for review.

    It is also possible to configure time sheets to be automatically submitted for users each week - see attached configuration guide.

    Time Processing System Task (TPS Task)

    The Time Processing System Task application is where a record is held for each specific task (row) associated with a Time Processing System time sheet. Information such as Product, Release, and Task are stored here.

    To begin using Time Processing System please download the TimeProcessingSystem.mss and follow the configuration guide.

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