Hi Everyone:

I have been searching around the net and what I noticed is that there are Serena products with Jenkins plugin but did not find any for ChangeMan ZMF.

Is Jenkins really not supported in ChangeMan ZMF?

Use Case:
We are looking at trying to trigger some other toolset (i.e SonarQube) after a successful compile in ZMF.

Thank you.

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    Thursday, December 06 2018, 05:59 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Darwin,
    Micro Focus is currently investigating Jenkins integration to ZMF. We're looking for a willing customer to help us understand use cases and requirements. If you are interested to help us define this integration, please reach out to me via email at Jeff.Jones@microfocus.com.

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    Wednesday, April 10 2019, 08:21 AM - #Permalink
    Hello all,

    By ourside we have the same needed than Darwin.
    We are thinking about linking jenkins to Changeman ZMF (the purpose is to launch SonarQube at the same time than the build).

    Is there any news since December 2018?


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