Javascripts in wrong path Problem

After upgrade from 11.3. to 11.5. SBM tries to get all javascript situated on Global Process App from the incorrect path “tmtrack/javascript/06122018317/some-unknown-uuid/js-uuid.js“, instead of “tmtrack/javascript/global-uuid/js-uuid.js”.

Files are correctly located in the file system, the path is correct in the TS_RESOURCES table, and content is correct in TS_BLOBS table. Standard functionalities like restart, redeploy, put/get files from DB does not help. Other process apps work fine.

Any ideas, what this might be? Where to look? Is this some kind of temp directory?
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    Tuesday, April 09 2019, 07:08 PM - #Permalink
    For something like this I suggest contacting SBM support.
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