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Good day everyone!

I hope I have an easy question today. I'm currently working on adding a contractor onboarding form we use to an existing workflow. Everything gets added to a PDF that the fields have been mapped to so all that is good. But here's the fun part, let's say we have 4 contractors, how can I, for lack of a better way to describe it, add a button a the bottom (or somewhere else if need be) and repeat that process? The end result would be four PDFs with the 4 contractors info in them then the submitter can move it to the next step?

I hope that makes sense?
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    Sunday, December 09 2018, 11:36 PM - #Permalink
    Are you using the SBM PDF WIdget? We've also been requested to automatically generate multiple PDFs, each from a primary table item. In our case it could be about a thousand PDFs. The PDF Widget approach works more-or-less ok for one-at-a-time, but trying to generate & print multiples, or save them as individual PDF files requires server-side automation and a PDF library.

    Not all is lost. Tony Carrington has solved this problem. See his post and a possible solution I recently discovered.
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