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I recently moved the Serena business managed from one server to another. The move was performed in C2S, so I took an image of the server and deployed it in the same environment. This was required because we received a not from AMAZON saying that our storage was being phased out and to redeploy the servers using AMI(amazon machine images). After I did that, I am no longer able to access the application from the web.

I receive an error complaining about not being able to access the license server.

The host name and database have not changed. The public ip is the same. The only thing that is different from the old WFMS to this one is the private IP is different. Is the private ip used anywhere in the application. Does IIS or tomcat use the private IP?

If I try to access just the WFMS server from the browser it shows that it sees the IIS server. However when I add on teamtrack to the URL that's when it gives me the error about the license server.

I am using serena business manager 11.0 on a windows 2008 server.

Brian Sims

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Tuesday, February 05 2019, 03:11 PM - #Permalink
License Server uses the Host ID of the server (not the host name or IP address) - which would have likely changed. Open License Manager and it will show the License Server HOSTID on the Licensing tab. If it is different from the HOSTID applied on your licenses, then you need to go to the Support site and you can ReHost your licences which will generate new license keys using the new HOSTID
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    Tuesday, February 05 2019, 05:32 PM - #Permalink
    That was it......YOU ARE AWESOME!!! :)
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