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What are all the available roles in Dimensions to name a few like Product Manager, Workset Manager and their responsibilities?
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Depends what process model you have imported - have a look at the Admin Console to see what roles your implementation has, then look at the Dimensions PDF for Process Modeling. I am assuming that you are using Dimensions 10? Earlier versions of Dimensions had a concepts pdf which was quite informative and had tables that stated such info - not sure how this is covered in the latest documentation. PS in an earlier response to your other issue I indicated $Roles but these no longer exist in the latest versions of Dimensions CM (apart from $Originator)
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Further to my response: Have a look at the Process Modelling PDF and the section in Chapter 1 Process Modelling Concepts which has a section about Role responsibilities. It really depends on how you configure your system as to who has what responsibilities, i.e. you can fine tune your system by using the Priveleges in Dim 10 so that users can be given certain privileges (or not!).
Posted 3/25/2008 5:42 AM
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