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by Nicolai Strube on June 05, 2018
If you clean-up the SBM Application Repository as described in KB Serena/Solutions/S140050, all AppScript's Descriptions are lost (because they are located in OR_PROPERTIES table only. Therefore the "Description" should...
by Otger Cobben on April 18, 2018
Lack of support in Orchestration and appscript/modscript for fields of type file  
by Paul Thompson on September 15, 2016
For contexts where it makes sense, add "InternalName" and optionally "UUID" properties to AppScript objects.
ChangeMan ZMF/Mainframe
by Tom Mavor on July 27, 2016
The cursorField in HLLX is currently numeric and differs for a field based on the calling procedure. Best example is between package create and package update. In one...
by Michael Robert Kokoski on April 10, 2016
The Process App Label identifies the version of the Process App currently in use in SBM. Since this latel asks as a version, it...
by John Hastings-Kimball on March 25, 2016
When you build form actions that create conditional field requirements or set field values they are not honored on transitions that are called that do not use forms (eg,...
by Paul Thompson on November 12, 2015
When doing a "Where Used" on a Field, Composer should include where the field is over-ridden in Workflows and Transitions. It would also be nice if Composer could...
SDA/Deployment Automation
by Mariano on October 08, 2015
I has created plugin for design in real time network map
by Phil Bustin on August 13, 2015
How great would it be to have a tool that clears just the cache you need to test a custom form?
by Phil Bustin on August 12, 2015
In, the nitial message (that appears at the bottom of the dialog box for adding a script as a transition action) no longer matches the 'appscript' selection. In...
by Scott Hofmann on June 10, 2015
Provide a mechanism where a REST dataset may be altered prior to display in a REST Grid.
by Lynn Mattie on June 09, 2015
Some minor improvements to AppScripts would be helpful: Ability to read/write BLOB field types Ability to run AppScripts on Aux...
12 results - showing 1 - 12

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