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by Jimmy Scott on January 04, 2018
Provide a setting in Administrator Privileges that will allow an Admin to grant or decline a user from being authorized to connect using SOAP.
by Jake Yearous on October 28, 2016
We have many users requesting some sort of notification or popup from the user interface when they are about to time out, it would be nice if the user...
by David Goodale on September 09, 2016
Restrict use of web services and json api by read, read/write or no access at all (similar to a Windows share).
Dimensions RM
by Ribhu Sanyal on August 26, 2016
For a particular class after requirement creation the requirement must be stored to a specifed cateogory automatically
Dimensions RM
by Steven Cronin on April 13, 2016
If the user is inactive for some time or the session expires the users are presented with a Windows login window and prompted to enter their Windows username &...
by Otger Cobben on March 17, 2016
We use SBM 11.01. High confidential data is stored in it. Therefore there are some strong audit requirements: All use of privileged accounts shall be logged...
Dimensions RM
by Ribhu Sanyal on February 15, 2016
How do we apply Quick search display setting for all areas (Quick Search, Split View, Query by Class, Query by Relationship, "Links", "History" etc.)
SDA/Deployment Automation
by Sam Wrankmore on December 15, 2015
Security - Allow LDAP authorization groups to be used with SSO authentication
8 results - showing 1 - 8

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