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by Glen Fu on August 13, 2018
SBM needs to support the connetion string type DB connection so that it can handle the DB connection with multiple listner host.
by Wesley Vlayen on October 11, 2016
A way to add multiple authenticators in the configurator.
Installing and Configuring Serena Release Control
Release Manager/Release Control
by Pedro da Silva Garcia on September 22, 2016
Hi,I'd like to place a enhancement request for RCL. In order to install and configure RCL to make it work there are a lot of manual...
by Martin Müller on September 20, 2016
Add support for shared mailboxes for notification server and mail services.
by Damien DUJARDIN on April 04, 2016
We are trying to use the dynamic port of an SQL Server Named Instance It's a great feature of SQL Server. But SBM...
Dimensions CM
by sadrick peter on January 22, 2016
Dimensions client auto upgrade is indeed a good idea to start off with deploying large number of clients automatically. It certainly needs some enhancement to provide more control to...
by David Berner on November 16, 2015
SBM Configurator forces you currently to stop all services to apply any setting. It would be great to have an option to apply the new settings on the next...
Make order of product-projects changeable
Dimensions CM
by Christoph Hellmayr on October 20, 2015
We have a huge amount of projects for every of our products, but many of them are out of service and we won't (and can't) delete them. The PC Client...
by Felipe A. Mansilla on September 25, 2015
Add Option (may be a check box) that enables/disables the Message Window (confirmation) that pops up when Canceling or exiting a Post Transition. ...
by Deb Cole on September 15, 2015
From the end user perspective, SBM only uses IIS ports and Tomcat ports (80,443,8085,8243) all of which are easily configurable. However, SBM uses many ports documented in KB S140350...
10 results - showing 1 - 10

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