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by Lauren Hassell on November 29, 2016
Currently SBM 11.1 only supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP1, but is should support SP3 as well.
by Scott Hofmann on June 23, 2016
SBM should offer a scheduler to start and execute processes or batches of processes. A process is defined as any of the following: appScript ...
by Damien DUJARDIN on April 04, 2016
We are trying to use the dynamic port of an SQL Server Named Instance It's a great feature of SQL Server. But SBM...
by Pradeep Kumar Koora on September 03, 2015
We have an Auxilliary table called System Parameter. It has all the server passwords. We want to encrypt the passwords in the table so that it wont be visible...
by John Wermers on August 26, 2015
Capture the amount of time it takes to re-index a customers database.
by Garry Womack on August 25, 2015
As a customer's database needs change, it is common to have a need to copy database components such as the Application Engine or Application Repository tables from one database/schema...
Dimensions RM
by Ribhu Sanyal on August 13, 2015
Group Attribute is an important attribute for Vehicle Engineering in Volvo. It is not possible to see Group Attribute with the Serena supplied custom form for Test_Case and Test_Run Classes...
by Russell Ilgenfritz on July 09, 2015
When a Multi-User field type is part of a dependency relationship, in Application Administrator, when setting the dependency values, only a single User is able to be selected for...
by Paul Thompson on June 21, 2015
When SBM is set to store file attachments in the database, the attachments go into the AE db. This can take up a lot of space and can pose...
9 results - showing 1 - 9

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