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Dimensions CM
by Christian Delén on September 02, 2016
Dimensions CM to log to central syslog server instead of logging to file.
ChangeMan ZMF/Mainframe
by Alan D Leaderbrand on June 22, 2016
ChangeMan ZMF version 8+ does not log a message to the system log when the started task cannot create the complete TCPIP member (#SERx). This failure prevents the...
CM needs better error reporting: "FSY0004611E Error: Cannot open file... DMN4510112W Warning: Deleting partially written file..."
Dimensions CM
by Joshua Trosclair on March 03, 2016
The error is in "English", but may as well be in another language. The end user is none the wiser from reading the error and us system administrators have...
error reporting for 'Deliver' operation in WEB client needs to be improved
Dimensions CM
by Joshua Trosclair on September 22, 2015
If there is a possibility one of your users may GET a file, edit it, and DELIVER it from a different directory, this idea applies to you. ...
4 results - showing 1 - 4

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