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Filter projectlist in Open Project dialogue
Dimensions CM
by Christoph Hellmayr on October 20, 2015
If you want to open a project, you get a list of all project of that product you select. It would be a nice feature to reduce the amount of...
Dimensions CM
by Sam Doncaster on October 02, 2015
Dimensions CM limits the length of branch names to 32 characters. With corporate naming combnetions, orchestrations, automations and onboarding of thousands of applications into an automated Release Management...
Make the order of projects in "Open project" changeable
Dimensions CM
by Christoph Hellmayr on May 21, 2015
If you click on "Open project" in the Dimensions CM PC Client, you can choose a "Product" and a "Project", but if you have much projects within a product, there...
3 results - showing 1 - 3

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