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by Paul Thompson on September 07, 2018
Allow Notification Rules to use SQL to detect the conditions for determining if a Notification should be fired. The SQL would be similar to the "Advanced SQL Conditions"...
by Devra Komendanchik on January 23, 2018
Relational Grid Widget extend use with reports over Global App Tables. Provide ability to create reports over tables in the Global App Provide...
by Marshal Bruce Hack on March 30, 2017
We have a report under one tab (table) that is joined to another table. We are thus able to display fields from the joined table. We would like to...
by Jenny Pawlak on September 19, 2016
The value of Single- and Multi-Relational Fields can be displayed in reports, but it is not possible to open the items linked in the relational field. Users would like...
Dimensions CM
by Patrick Bryan on April 11, 2016
Show all requests that are used to create a revised baseline when multiple requests are related to the same item.
by Jeff Malin on November 19, 2015
Please enhance the Distribution report capibilities to allow for the use of Subrelational fields, and consider further enhancing to allow grouping by basic Text fields.
User profile card
by David Berner on November 18, 2015
The user profile card is a nice unintrusive way to display user information. I would be great to have a similar fonctionality for relational fields. Hovering over such a...
by Tom Clement on November 07, 2015
Add the ability to restrict records displayed in the relational grid to only the items currently selected in the multi-relational field.
by kertal on November 04, 2015
Filtre entre Champs Multi-group et User (link between  Multi-group and User Fields )
by Danny Lee on September 24, 2015
A common requirement is to embed a report in a form, listing related primary or aux records, referenced in a multi-relational field. Currently, the target records need a foreign...
Dimensions RM
by Ribhu Sanyal on August 13, 2015
Group Attribute is an important attribute for Vehicle Engineering in Volvo. It is not possible to see Group Attribute with the Serena supplied custom form for Test_Case and Test_Run Classes...
by Erika Marwood on August 12, 2015
Add the ability to filter selected relational field records in a Relational Grid when presented on the state form.
by Ryan Spradlin on June 25, 2015
There are lots of ways currently to filter the values shows in a relational field. Typically these require a dependency and another relational field by essentially creating a cross...
13 results - showing 1 - 13

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