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by Joshua Notheisen on September 24, 2019
Most of the search queries tend to address issueof "active" state. It would be benefitial to set the status filter to "active only" as a default...
by Bharatharun Ramasamy on March 27, 2019
DVM is not supported in the latest versions of SBM because it already uses Tomcat rather than JBoss.We have DVM process to integrate with Dimensions CM. If the newer...
Rich Text Editor: Enable editoriable grid in Description Fields
by Tobias Scheiben on June 05, 2018
Enable editoriable grid in RTF-Fields
by Jimmy Scott on January 04, 2018
Provide a setting in Administrator Privileges that will allow an Admin to grant or decline a user from being authorized to connect using SOAP.
Serena Request Center
by Jo Schott on December 16, 2016
The ability to create multiple Catalog Service Request Entries poining to the same Project and Submit form. This will allow to create much more user Friendly Catalogs -...
by Jake Yearous on October 28, 2016
We have many users requesting some sort of notification or popup from the user interface when they are about to time out, it would be nice if the user...
by Phil Bustin on October 27, 2016
In stacked bar graph legend, replace 3 small bars with one solid bars
by Wes Godard on September 26, 2016
Users using a corporate email system typically use it to set their out of office settings. Setting it a second time within SBM is an extra step that...
by Neil Gill on August 24, 2016
The current rich text editor only offers a limited range of fonts and control of the font size. Improve the number of available fonts and controllabilty such as found...
by Lucie Mlynarova on July 20, 2016
Users have problem with the name of exported excel file from SBM report. They run report and then export results of the report to excel...
by Phil Bustin on April 20, 2016
Enable adding projects to My Projects for all members of a group, in App Admin or Sys Admin
by Otger Cobben on March 17, 2016
We use SBM 11.01. High confidential data is stored in it. Therefore there are some strong audit requirements: All use of privileged accounts shall be logged...
by John Hastings-Kimball on March 11, 2016
It would be great if i could specify the Value Display Format (VDF) for a single or multi-relational field on the app that is referencing the item rather than...
ChangeMan ZMF/Mainframe
by Kip Winning on January 29, 2016
Add a new REST method to the ZMF Package Services that enables the browsing of the actual content of a package component to the REST services. ...
by Phil Bustin on January 22, 2016
Include Notifications in User Workspace Profile Sections choices.
15 results - showing 1 - 15

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