SDA Certification

Steps to Becoming a SDA Ninja Master

Your path to Serena Deployment Automation certification begins by clicking the Get Certified button for the first level, the White Belt. The Each belt is awarded as you achieve the required number of badges, a badge represents a specific area of expertise within the Deployment Automation product or its related eco-systems. To receive a belt you must receive an 80% or higher grade on the related exam to progress. Basically the more badges attained the higher the belt, starting with White Belt, and then moving to Green Belt, and then to Black Belt. Once you have achieved each belt, you will be granted access to a printable certificate. To qualify for certification as SDA Ninja Master, you must have already achieved Black Belt certification and completed a special project that will go through an appraisal process. Click on the links below to see detailed objectives and learning resources for each certification level.

You must have accumulated 5 basic badges to show a basic level of proficiency.

White Belt

 You must have accumulated 12 badges to show an intermediate level of proficiency.


Green Belt

You must have accumulated 13 badges to show a high level of proficiency.


Black Belt

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