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      Bob Frinder
      during the notification process we are trying to determine if all notifications are being sent. but the ns.log file is limited to 5MB and we have to search multiple log files for the notification acti...on. is there a way to increase the sixe of the ns.log file so we have the results in a single file instead of searching through many? i am trying to verify a notification was sent for a notification rule (escalation) after a period of 30 days, but because we have logging leve set to debug, the file does contain that criteria, we have to search other log files such as ns.log.1 ~ ns.log.10 More
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      Bob Frinder
      Bob Frinder is reading the article About Serena Software.

      About Serena Software

      posted in Uncategorised on 29th Oct, 2014

      Serena Software at a Glance

      When applications are critical to your business, trust Serena Software. Our company is a leading provider of Orchestrated IT solutions for the Global 2000 and you can find us in the majority of the Fortune 100 companies.

      With over 2,500 enterprise customers, Serena is now the largest independent application lifecycle management (ALM) vendor and the only one that orchestrates DevOps, the processes that bring together application development and operations. These solutions, along with our products and services for IT operations, drive innovation in the industry and deliver the tools our customers need to succeed and capture a competitive advantage.

      Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Serena is a portfolio company of HGGC, a leading middle market private equity firm.

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    30/01/2017 increase notification log file size.
    03/08/2015 can we possible have history for privileges? Would like to know who change what priv.

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